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Managing Money: Every Woman's Business - A Guide to Increasing Women's Financial Capability

whinampwhe fl web-1In 2004, WHIN developed its financial literacy program as a means to improve the financial literacy and capability of newly-arrived and migrant women by providing gender-specific and culturally-targeted information and training, relevant to their lives, and sensitive to the transitional process involved in settling into a new country. Since then, the program has evolved and continues to be driven by the high demand for basic financial literacy information for newly-arrived and migrant women. To date the program has been delivered to over 300 women from over 20 cultural groups in Melbourne’s northern and eastern metropolitan regions. Learnings from these workshops, conversations with women, consultations with community workers, and financial counsellors have enabled WHIN to further develop its 2008 financial literacy program trainer’s manual. This has resulted in the production of this new resource – Managing Money: Every Woman’s Business. A Guide to Increasing Women’s Financial Capability.

This resource adds to the growing body of work and resources on financial literacy, yet is uniquely placed to enable workers at a grassroots level to work with women to develop basic financial skills. It includes topics on budgeting, savings, accounts, credit, debts and loans; accessing community assistance and financial counselling; information on consumer rights and responsibilities; and housing and tenancy issues.

Managing Money is a tool for women and facilitators which not only provides culturally and gender-sensitive financial information, but also raises awareness of, and addresses, the barriers that restrict newly-arrived and migrant women’s financial inclusion and security.