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WHIN supports student placements as a valuable learning experience for students and the Organisation. We believe that the placement should be of benefit to both the student and WHIN, and make every effort to offer placements that are rewarding and didactic. However, given that we are a small organisation, our capacity to properly supervise and support students limits the number of placements we are able to accommodate. In order to manage the demand and be proactive in offering opportunities, WHIN liaises directly with tertiary institutions regarding placement. Please refer to the Coordinator at your University/College to find out if there are any places currently available at WHIN.

WHIN is seeking to appoint a woman to a 1 EFT Women’s Health Promotion Worker with responsibility for the sexual and reproductive rights portfolio in the Health Promotion Team. This position is responsible for contributing to improved health, safety and wellbeing outcomes for women in the northern metropolitan region of Melbourne.